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He Does not Love You

He Does not Love You
2021.11.19. 16:50
Power Over Women How Experience Comes Into Play The Five Player Levels Asian Men (Race & Women) How To Tell If She Likes You (Crushing) What Brides Find Attractive Traits of Powerful Men Culturing Ones Self Bhetti, there’s nothing stopping women these days from defying their husbands to the utmost. Ultimately, women are backed up by the police and the power of the state if they choose to cheat on their husbands — this is simply reality in the West. I hope I’m not underestimating what a woman will understand from what I’m saying. It is largely intuitive. I think you are actually overestimating it. You’re young, and it will take you some time and experience to see, but as a smart girl I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually. Most women and girls aren’t that bright, after all. You’ve got to understand that they won’t be able to grasp the nuance inherent in your advice, and this is why you have to speak to them as though they are children. Think about it.  Firepower PERMALINKSeptember 29, 2009 11:59 pmBhetti Firepower: How did you know I was disguising myself as a pakistani? Alas, foiled! You know its a recession when homeland security hires university students on minumum wage for their spying. well, it did workfor Arsenal  K PERMALINKSeptember 30, 2009 1:31 amI think you are building from a rocky and fundamentally flawed foundation here. Men are less likely to use jealousy as a motivator for women because jealousy is a poor motivator of men. Men will intuit how a women will react to jealousy based on how such a situation would make him feel. This is a bad way to go about it, and big part of Game is learning that what motivates and turns on a woman is non-intuitive from the male perspective.
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