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Some love stories

Some love stories
2021.11.04. 17:36
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Incredible: "Wait, aren't you available any other days?"
Me: "Nope. I'm a busy guy."
Incredible: "Why are you so busy?"
Me: "It doesn't matter. I'm just busy, and Tuesday is the only day I have available this week."
Incredible: "Well, I'll be up twice during break. I wanna hang out with you."
Me: "That's cool, get at me."
And I walk off. We run into each other again inside. She grabs my finger. I slide my left hand across the back of her waist. She whispers in my right ear...
Incredible: "I thought you said that you were leaving."
Me: "I am. I'm just looking around for my friends first."
Incredible: "Call me."
Me: "If you don't receive a call from me within a week, then you call me. OK?"
I then pull my head away, slide my arm back some, but with my hand still lightly against her lower back. I look in her eyes for confirmation...
Incredible: "I'll call you."
My arm then slides back across her lower back. Squeeze. Embrace her. A small kiss on her right cheek. Reassurance. I pull away. She looks at me one last time. And then heads out with her friends.
I guess I could go out for a few drinks tonight...
Tes: "Hahahaha! You sound just like Misha! Say it again!"
This is exactly what Misha sounds like when he's drunk. He starts taking a million shots towards closing time, and starts yelling "Fuck you! Suck my dick!", but his Russian accent takes over, and it comes out as the above.
Out R Inn. A girl sitting next to me. Time to rock this shit...
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