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The Realizations About Seduction

The Realizations About Seduction
2021.10.12. 17:25
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As you get more comfortable with these, you will start looking for new ways to test your comfort zone. Each time you break through this new level of comfort then you are progressing.
Soon you will look back and think, “why was I ever worried about these issues?”
Word of warning
Pushing outside your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do. Not only for meeting women but every other part of your life. It will help you to achieve things that you may never have thought possible.
However if you take it to the extreme then it can be detrimental to you.
There was a rock climber called Dan Osman who pushed his comfort zone as far as possible. He would do speed climbing up huge mountains with no rope or other safety devices. He achieved awesome results because he pushed his comfort zone as far as possible, but it also led to him being killed.
As with anything in your life, if you don’t go overboard then you will benefit massively from pushing outside your comfort zone.
When attracting girls things are not always what they seem. Have you ever seen a hot girl with a not so hot guy but who has a lot of money? I am sure we have all seen that situation.
What was your first thought? Was it: ‘That guy must be really awesome to have a girlfriend like that’ or was it: ‘Shes a gold digger’.
I would imagine most of you will be saying gold digger. I used to say the same thing. Most of the guys I speak to think the same thing. Does that mean we are right? Well maybe. Some girls are gold diggers, but the vast majority will like the guy because he is an awesome person to be around.
Why is this the case?
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