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Older women online

Older women online
2021.09.21. 17:24
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 She isn't the type of girl to hold out sex until we are in a relationship...but at this point having sex with her will only qualify myself more in her eyes as a boyfriend type. Any thoughts would be nice as I find myself in this situation a lot (where girls see me as a boyfriend and not just as a nice guy she can fuck.)
Ever thought of just being honest about what it is that you want? It would solve most of your problems. You’re thinking too much.
Hey Omari; once again I am going to bother you bro. There is this girl that I am absolutely crazy about. I dont know why but she has some effect on me. I lose sleep, I dont eat, and I isolate myself from people when she doesnt talk to me. I am pretty fucked up right now is the bottom line. This girl has it all, she is smoking hot when she dresses up and still fucking hot when she is normal.
I have known her since 8th grade and now we are starting to talk more than ever. But she does a lot of little things that confuse the shit out of me and im not sure if she wants to be with me or if she just sees me as a friend. She never initiates conversation with me it seems like she always wants me to be the one looking for her. But say if I havent talked to her for like a day or two she then talks to me. And that drives me crazy I am used to it being close to 50/50.

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