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Dont Take Too Long to Get Ready

Dont Take Too Long to Get Ready
2021.08.18. 17:28
Advice for men.  If it works for you, keep doing it.  Your life is probably empty though.
Advice for girls.  Get the fuck out of New York!  The city ruins girls.  If you’ve been in the city less than 2 years, you might still be salvageable.  If you’ve been emulating the sex and the city lifestyle, stick a fork in you; you’re done.
Cousin:  Do you ever think about how lucky you are?  All the places you’ve been and what you’ve seen.  What you’ve achieved.  Shit, what you’re going to achieve, you’re still young.  A kid from the projects, from the South Bronx.
Me:  Yeah I do.
My cousin reminds me how improbable my story is.  In a couple years I’ll have a Ph.D. in a hard subject from a prestigious university.  I’ll sell my brain to the highest bidder on Wall St or the business world and go on to whatever adventures await.  I’ve flown all around the world and have seen sights that people here can only dream of.
I was born into what are probably the worst living conditions in the United States.  I remember finding crack vials on the street when I was a little boy.  My proper, erudite accent didn’t develop until I was in my teens.  I didn’t notice my accent stuck out until other kids in the SWPL suburb my mom had moved me asked my why I pronounced the “th” at the end of words like “f”, or why I said “sottin’” instead of “something”.
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