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What is jealousy got to do with love

What is jealousy got to do with love
2021.05.07. 17:26
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 Ah, yes. I married the wrong man, so being single was definitely better for me. (Not blaming that wrong man, we just shouldn’t have been together… except for the wonderful child we produced). After my ex-husband and I split, I was mostly single for 5 years and I REALLY needed that time to be me, without compromise (except, of course, the compromising I did for the sake of my son). While I enjoyed being single, and sometimes miss some of the freedoms now that I’m not, I’m very happy in my current relationship.

I think, personally, I prefer a relationship (though not necessarily marriage – I don’t know if I’ll do that again) to being single, but only if it’s the RIGHT relationship. I know many people who are so averse to being alone that they’ll settle for someone who’s not quite right. I’d rather be alone that be with the wrong person.
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