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One love

One love
2021.01.29. 17:33
[font=helvetica, arial, verdana, "trebuchet ms", sans-serif][font="trebuchet ms"]I had a dream last night that I was 'old' and I had my hair dyed purple (I'm sure it was only older white women that I saw with dyed purple hair and blue rinses...) and I was attached to what looked like a blood pressure machine but it was drip feeding me Jerk chicken. On waking up I realised that I dreamt about the blood pressure machine as the boyf and I had to take his mum into hospital for an op on Sunday and it was all I could do not to ask the nurse if I could 'have a go' of the machine. As for the chicken...well I haven't eaten chicken for over a year (along with pork, white bread, yellow peppers and grapefruit - rock on the immune system disease...) so that may explain the chicken appearance. And yes I know blood pressure machines don't normally have drips....[font=helvetica, arial, verdana, "trebuchet ms", sans-serif][font="trebuchet ms"]The boyf is away with work for the next couple of days so I bade him farewell and tried to walk at lightening speed in my heels to the train station. My ma called me rabbiting about tubes and buses (I don't think she's twigged that if one doesn't work, you get the other...) and just after I got off the call, I started to cross the road and this assclown turns off the main road and comes dangerously close to running me over. I had no choice but to back up onto the pavement and without thinking thinking I found myself shouting 'Dipstick!' at the driver. Naturally his window was open and he looked outraged and said something unintelligible at me whilst having the cheek to wave his fist at me. Seeing as I had temporary turrets, I yelled 'Penis!' at him as he drove away and for the first time since I was probably a teenager, I actually gave him the finger.

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