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Well Done Craigslist Dating Profile

Well Done Craigslist Dating Profile
05/08/21 17:31
Thanks for the ideas. I will try some of them and let you know how it goes in a couple of weeks. My husband cooks dinner every night! He enjoys cooking and likes being in charge of the fat content of our dinners, so he has been cooking exclusively since our son was born. Our son just turned 16 this week! And I tell him thank you or “I appreciate your cooking” every single night. He’s a great cook and I don’t particularly enjoy cooking so it works out well for all of us. I have a business baking and decorating cakes for people. I do enjoy the artistry of that and so I’m in the kitchen a lot…just not hubby’s kitchen. I have my own kitchen in the pool house.
Hubby also works to bring home the majority of the money in the household, takes care of our vehicles, does all the yard work and pool work, (for which I compliment him on as it always looks great!) and is in general a “handy man” to have around. He takes care of his dogs (2 of them), and I take care of the cat. He’s a great dad too, does things with our son when he has time, and supports his school sports by showing up at all sporting events. We both help our son with homework when needed. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? I’m looking at the positives…and don’t really wish to discuss the things that bother me in this public format. We can discuss further in e-mail if you send me one. Thanks!
Where I come from, which is Atlanta, a city in the Deep South, girls can’t date multiple guys, have many boyfriends, etc. because people would think of them as sluts, whores, tramps, skanks, c**ts, etc.-they accuse her of sleeping around when she is not. People here are very religious and conservative. They expect her to be monogamous to one guy even though there are more single guys than there are single girls. And plus I heard from an old friend that guys here become too desperate, needy, and clingy once you start being friends and dating them because there’s not much to do and that there aren’t many girls and they’re not that attractive either. (Alot of them are being kidnapped and killed, according to local TV and newspapers.)
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