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I Need To Be More Patient When Dating

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I Need To Be More Patient When Dating
06.01.22 17:27
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Oh, before that even…. I know, what kind of backwards ass story is this?  I go out to buy some liqour to pregame and this chick who lives in the apartment under me and always goes out her way to say “hi” to me is walking out of her apartment with her fat friend.  They’re walking down the stairs as I’m walking up.  I say “what’s up” to them as I pass them.   They say “what’s up” and continue walking down the stairs.  They get down the stairs and the chick yells back up at me, “So, you’re having a party and you didn’t invite us?”I look down at her from over the railing.  ”Who the fuck said I was having a party?”“Oh, never mind, the party must be over there then.”  She points in some random ass direction.I flip the convo a bit, “I guess.  What are y’all getting into tonight?”“Nothing.  Being boring.”   I leave it alone after that, but I could definitely fuck this chick.  There was another night when I was headed out that they were cooking and they invited me over, but I didn’t go, because I was headed out, I had plans.  I need to fuck with them some more. She’s not that cute, probably like a 5.5, but she’s down to fuck, for sure.  Just a little time and comfort building and she’d be sucking my dick like it’s her favorite thing in the world to do.Anyway, I go inside, drink my liqour and pregame by myself, shower, get dressed and head out.  Right after I leave my apartment and start walking down the stairs, this real cute hispanic chick that lives directly across from me comes out of her apartment and starts walking down the stairs as well.  It’s midnight and she’s wearing this big ass black hat.  Easy opener, I turn around, “Why the fuck do have on a Sunday hat at midnight?”“Oh, no.  I’m not really wearing it, I’m just taking it to my car.”“Oh, really?  I guess that makes some sense. I was about to say…”“Yeah, thanks for asking though.   If it was actually sunny outside, I’d be wearing it for real.”“Yeah, I was trying to figure what kind of sun you’re trying to hide from at one in the morning.”She laughs.   I walk to my car, she walks to hers, which is past mine.  As I get in my car, I just leave her with, “alright, well have a nice night.”“You too.” She says and smiles.I didn’t push the interaction too far, but she lives directly across from me, I’ll see her again.Fast foward now, back to hanging out downtown with Frat Boy and Italian Model, lol.So, I’m hanging with them, we hit a few bars, we hit the street, etc.  While in the street, I approach a chick I see using my regular opener.  She responds, “Yeah, I met you last weekend and you said the exact same thing to me.”Lmao.  I don’t remember that shit at all. I don’t even play it off, I just acknowledge it and keep talking to her.  I ask her about her tattoo on her shoulder, which she explains is her mom’s name.  We talk for a little while longer, she’s looking for her friends  but can’t find them.  I don’t stay talking to her for too long.  I move around after awhile.We hit up a couple more bars.  At some point, Italian Model opens some chick. I don’t know if I tried to talk to her first or if I tried to talk to her after Italian Model did, but at some point, me and her got off on the wrong foot.  No worries though, when Italian Model is talking to her, I open her friend who is short as hell.  I open her with this, “Oh shit, I didn’t even see you there, you’re so short, I didn’t even notice you.  You’re lucky I didn’t step on you.”She tries to respond back, “whatever, you’re not even that tall.”I look around, “I’m taller than every guy here, except that guy.”  Just when I say that, some really tall ass dude walks by, forcing me to add, “Oh, and that guy” with a laugh, because he’s a dorky looking guy.It works, and I wind up talking to her for awhile, when all of the sudden her friend who Italian Model was gaming chimes in, “I don’t like him.”I look at her, I’m confused.  I thought she was talking about Italian Model, “you don’t like him?” I ask, surprised.“No, you.”  She says to me, “I don’t like you.”Wow.  What?  I don’t even know how to respond to that. “Okay, well, that’s your problem”  I say and turn my back to her and go back to talking to her friend.
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