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Single American Men

Single American Men
07.12.21 16:25
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[font="Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]I think you nit the nail on the head when you say those are very female fantasies. I suspect few dominant men fantasise about a life time of monogamy. Hard to generalise about anyone never mind a whole sex, however. Quality over quantity, certainly. I can’t date non dominant men. I should form a bureau for single women my age who don’t need dominance. Wonderful men out there but not for me because they don’t have that intense need to control and do those other things I don’t need to write about and then when I’m with one who does it’s so peaceful and simple and right, feels much like a gay man who’s tried marriage for a bit and for the first time goes to bed with a man, everything fits into place. Your passivity and compliance is suddenly seen as a huge advantage.
by Hera on 2006 Aug 10 - 22:06 | reply to this comment
Bunched panties
Hello Hera. Your ramble on raunch, as you try to untangle the skein of motives and implications in fashion choices, both fascinates and exhausts by its complications. Yet you hit upon the answer: when you are comfortable in your skin and confident of your powers you tend not to fret so much about the accoutrements and the window dressing (one can have the cheesecake, or beefcake, chacun son ragout, and eat it too). It is kind of like standing butt-naked—hard in that state to get your panties in a bunch (being an endlessly parenthetical guy, I’ve wondered a bit how much gets lost in translation on this site, especially in use of culture-specific idioms, in exchanges which are so often between Amerloques and Brits: often an ungulfable bridge).
A further answer is at the tail end of your remarks. “So peaceful and simple and right” stands out so quietly and starkly against the wrangles and chatter (mine and yours) that become so tiresome. So much about-ism rather than being and doing. That longing to feel at home with someone. A virtue of this site for me is a sense of coming back to earth after being at sea in a galaxy of alien planets and life forms. The essence of romance is largely that notion of “one and only, evermore” and I’m a romantic. Intensity is a focus and concentration therapy, not sowing wild oats.
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