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Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind
02.11.21 17:43
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 Tuesday night. Miani's again. This past Tuesday? No. I was at Spice, and then Ugly Tuna laughing about what a girl said about a friend's penis. She said it looked like a flower, like a hotdog left in the microwave for too long. Why so late putting this one up? The morning I planned on putting it up, my phone rang no less than thirty different times, keeping me up all night.

But yeah, back to Miani's. I walk in with VK, meet up with Cryptic. Cryptic has read about me and wanted to see me be an asshole in action. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not in the mood tonight. I just wanna drink my drink and chill out. VK takes a girl's seat...

Girl: "Give me my seat back!"

He doesn't budge. I swear, she looks like she is about to bite his head off. He still doesn't budge. Holds his position. She gives in. Her and her sister start talking to him. They now respect him for not being a fucking pussy. They try talking to me, but I rarely respond.

Big Misha walks in. Cryptic heads back to Dayton (or Dirt Town, as I like to call it). Two shots of whiskey. No more holding back. From quiet guy to super asshole in less than a minute. VK leaves the two girls and heads home. I look at them. I begin talking massive shit...

Girls: "Two minutes ago, you were so quiet, and now you're being a complete asshole!"

I know. Amazing. Isn't it? They both talk about thier boyfriends, and how they NEVER leave bars with boys. Boyfriend? What boyfriend? I know how to deal with this. Sk8 walks in and joins me. I take care of one girl, while he takes care of the other...

Me: "Are you happy with him?"

Her: "Yes."

Me: "No, I mean are you truly happy?"

Her: "Most of the time."

Me: "You came to this bar to get away from him. Something must be wrong."

She tells me about her problems with him...

Me: "If you're not able to do what you truly want to do all of the time, and are always worried about having to answer to him, then you aren't truly happy."

I tell her one of my stories about giving up the love of my life, in order to pursue true happiness, freedom. By now, one of her hands are on my leg, while the other is holding one of my hands. I look over at Sk8. Same thing. The sister is now holding his hand. He knows how to wing.

My girl tells me how right I am. My purpose wasn't to get her to dump her boyfriend on the spot, but rather, to change her frame of mind, consider what life would be like if she were truly happy. She's now all dreamy eyed as I continue to run my game. You don't realize how good you are, until nights like these, the nights when you can completely change a woman's life.

The bar is about to close...

Girl: "Would you like to come home with us, maybe smoke a blunt?"

Incredible. From "We never take guys home. Period." to "Come home and spend some more time with me.". I grab Sk8, and we peace the fuck out. That's wassup.
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