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I Am Not Dr Phil

I Am Not Dr Phil
14.10.21 17:25
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Honestly, "too direct" is usually only when a man fails to censor the language he presents himself with.
Women can be easily creeped out and maybe overwhelmed when a man is graphic about his directness. It's also a matter of your timing. Meaning that if you're too direct AND too pushy too soon that's the only time women are "scared off" by that method.
Women aren't as sensitive to directness as you might think if you monitor yourself in your head first emoticon
Omari--Did I see a comment about you taking down your blog?! Hell no.
JULY 9, 2009 2:20:00 PM EST
Assanova said...
It's much easier to be direct than it is to not be. Trying not to be direct requires work. And let's look at the reality of it, a creepy guy is a creepy guy, no matter what he says; it's just something about his vibe. If you're an attractive guy, you can pretty much get away with saying anything. Women pay more attention to the the subtleties about you than the actual words that are leaving your mouth. "I want to fuck you" coming out of an attractive guys mouth=cute & funny at the worst. "I want to fuck you" coming out of a creepy guys mouth=creepy stalker molester and whatever other fucked up label you can think of.
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